Keep Your Baby Bump Comfy Without Sacrificing Style

Buying maternity clothes can be a stressful and difficult process. While worrying about pregnancy weight gain, a once-chic woman often finds herself riffling through racks of clothes better suited for someone twice her age. Fortunately, maternity clothing isn’t the drab, muumuu-like wear that it once was.

The first thought running through the mind of a pregnant woman concerning maternity clothing is probably regarding whether maternity wear is really a necessity. The easy answer is that maternity wear is an absolute must during pregnancy. However, there is a belt designed to allow pregnant women to keep using their normal clothing for a longer amount of time. A belly belt is an elastic strap that makes it possible to wear regular clothing unbuttoned or unzipped to accommodate a growing belly.

If a pregnant woman is worrying about how to stay stylish while wearing maternity clothing, the fact that maternity wear is now available in a wide variety of styles and sizes should ease her mind. Some women decide to go for a new, different look during pregnancy. While it may be fun to experiment with a different style, staying comfortable is a matter of wearing the same style of clothes as usual.

Keep in mind that a normal pregnancy only lasts about 37 to 42 weeks. Some women get caught up in buying a whole new wardrobe in maternity sizes. Most women do not need maternity clothes until they have entered the second trimester. Maternity clothing will probably only be worn for four or five months of a pregnancy, although some women need to wear maternity clothing for a few months after giving birth. The short term nature of pregnancy means that choosing a few wardrobe staples is the best way to go.

Many women are frustrated to find that they are a completely different clothing size than they were prior to the pregnancy. The key to finding the right size in maternity wear is using a size chart provided by the retailer. Keep in mind that not all retailers use the same sizing methods.

For fashion-conscious maternity shoppers, sticking to snug-fitting clothing is the best bet. Pregnant woman may be tempted to hide their bumps under loose-fitting clothing, but this just gives an unsightly tent effect. Snug-fitting maternity clothing can be comfortable as long as it is made of a stretchy, soft material. There is no need to give up comfort for fashion or vice versa.

Some women attempt to simply buy larger sizes instead of opting for maternity clothing. This often does not work because all of the extra weight is concentrated in the belly area. Larger clothing is specifically made for people who are bigger all over, so a pregnant woman may find herself tripping over loose pants or swimming in an extra large skirt bought to accommodate a baby bump.

One final point that pregnant women often forget to consider regarding maternity wear is that new shoes may be a necessity. Most women find that there is some swelling in the ankles and feet associated with pregnancy. Remember that pregnant women have to deal with a shift in balance during pregnancy, so high heels that are difficult to walk in are not recommended. Opt for flats that are half a size or so larger than normal.

Posted on April 4, 2012 in Articles.

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